A shot I love from Susanna and Adams wedding

Here is just a single from from Susanna and Adams wedding at Hawksyard Estate last month. The full blog will follow soon but in the meantime here is a little teaser.

The ceremony was held in a small village church about 15 minutes drive from Hawksyard Estate. When I was driving over I noticed some of the beautiful yellow oilseed rape fields and wondered if on our way back we might be able to stop by to use one for a couple of quick portraits.

After the ceremony I ran the idea past the guys and they seemed keen so now the only challenge was ate find a field that we would vibe able to stop at and gain access. Fortunately the car driver had local knowledge and found the perfect spot.

You do have to be careful in these fields, the colour comes off the flowers very easily and although it rarely stains I’m not too sure the bride would be keen on turning up for her reception with a yellow bottom half to het wedding dress! Usually there are pathways through the field that the couple can take to stay relatively free from the yellow glow.

Susanna was one of the brides who was really easy to photograph, a natural in front of the camera and clearly very beautiful. Adam had scrubbed up rather well too so certainly wasn’t a bad day at the office. Both bride and groom were very expressive and happy to show emotion, and that for me is what has mad this shot a winner.

oilseed rape wedding photo



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