Last Friday I found myself back at Barton Marina for the awesome wedding of Jasmine and Richard. I’ll be doing a full blog in good time but thought I would add something to the blog showing one of my favourite shots from the wedding which jumped out as I was beginning the editing process.

Weddings at Colton Church

So this is another confetti shot, I know I blog a lot of these but I love confetti at weddings. So this was outside the church shortly before the couple were due to head to the wedding reception at the Marina. This was the first time I had shot at Colton church and also the vicars first wedding there. I do have to mention how pleasant the vicar was and understanding of the need for me to capture my shots.

After the ceremony we decided it was time for confetti. Fortunately lots of guest had brought their own confetti, which doesn’t always happen so my advise is if you like confetti shots its a good idea to buy some yourself too.

Confetti Shots

I lined up the guests armed with confetti an asked them to hold fire until Jas and Rich made their way down the line. What I love about this shot is the couples expression. Jasmine in articular is very animated and happy to show emotion which is a great thing for natural wedding photographers like myself.

Keep an eye out for the full blog which will be ready in a month or so. In the meantime feel free to contact me to discuss our wedding.

wedding at colton church



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