family photography

Photographs bring back memories and form part of the family heritage for future generation. In this age of Facebook and Instagram we take so many pictures of our loved ones (and ourselves!), but usually they are displayed only on the internet, compressed to low resolution and lost forever when we update our phone.

That’s where a family photoshoot comes in, photos to get printed and display on the wall or in a storybook album that can be passed on down generations. As a Dad I know all too well how quickly children grow up. Pictures preserve those memories.

However, my family shoots are different. I want to capture you genuinely having a great time as a family. I want the smiles to be real and memories created. I’m not going to have you all standing there like a lemon in front of a white background, forcing smiles.

We’ll carefully plan your shoot to be full of activities you like doing together. Playing at the park, making cakes, things you love doing together as a family.  Yes we’ll do some posed shots but most of the time I’ll capture you just having a great time as a family, as if I’m a fly on the wall watching the good times roll.

Natural family photoshoots

I always think that kids are kids; they like to run around, hold hands and laugh so lets capture them enjoying being themselves playing in a natural environment. I know the times my kids have smiled the most have been when genuinely enjoying themselves, not when I ask them to smile at the camera.

Family photoshoots are priced at £50. Please contact me for a brochure and more information.

Of course photoshoots aren’t just for kids, perhaps you would like to have some natural and relaxed photos with a partner or other family members.

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