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To quote a previous bride…“I want you, how do I book…?”

The next step is for us to have a no obligation meeting so I can show you more of my work and talk about your wedding. From there if you decide to book I’ll send you a contract and invoice for the booking fee. Once the contract is signed and booking fee paid your date is secured. Use my contact form to get in touch and lets set the ball rolling.

Can we book without meeting?

Yes of course, you can book over the phone or via email and arrange to meet up at a later date.

How far ahead do I need to book?

On average people book 12 – 18 months ahead however I do have weddings booked as far ahead as summer 2018. The busy summer dates will book up quickly.

How far do you travel?

So far I’ve travel as far as Italy and as close as 10 minutes from my house to shoot a wedding.. so anywhere really.

Whilst I am primarily cover Staffordshire, Shropshire, Cheshire and the West Mids, I may travel anywhere within the UK, but as I want to arrive for every wedding well rested and rearing to go I may not take a wedding a long way from home if I have another to shoot the next day. drop me a line and let me know your venue and timings.

On The Day

pendrell hall wedding

Do you shoot on your own or with an assistant?

Generally I prefer to work alone. Remember you’re booking me for a relaxed and unobtrusive approach to wedding photography, we don’t need to make the guests feel like they are constantly having their photo taken by more than one photographer. On a serious note two photographers are usually overkill, but if you do feel you would like me to have an assistant photographer because you have 175+ guests etc just let me know and we can discuss the options.

Do you take groups/family photos and other formal shots?

Yes of course, these are an important record of the day, though I’m not a photographer who takes loads and loads of groups as they can become quite static and boring.

Instead, I’ll ask you for a list of about 8 groups which I can shoot in about 15 minutes.

What time do you start and finish?

I start at bridal preparations and stay into the evening after the first dance. Obviously this can be tailored to your choice if you don’t want prep covering etc

Do you take groups/family photos and other formal shots?

Yes of course, these are an important record of the day, though I’m not a photographer who takes loads and loads of groups as they can become quite static and boring. Instead, I’ll ask you for a list of about 8 groups which I can shoot in about 15 – 20 minutes.

Generally couples who book me are looking for less formals and more natural moments.

How about shots of the bride and groom?

Yes I still do some apples portraits of the bride and groom, I’ll use simple posing to guide you and create some great portraits. Again we won’t be spending ages on these shots, a quick walk around the venue to a couple of nice locations is all we need.

Do you have back up kit?

Yes, I have two cameras as not only does this speed things up for me but it also gives me a back up in the unlikely event one camera would fail. Both cameras write to two memory cards at the same time for the ultimate piece of mind. I also have more than one lens, two flashes and various other bits and bobs. Back up kit is essential to the wedding photographer.

Are you insured?

Yes, I have professional indemnity insurance and Public liability insurance. Both of these are essential for the official photographer to have.

After the wedding

bridal prep


How many pictures will we receive?

This all depends on the day. There are many factors which effect the final number of images. eg Restrictions on photography during the ceremony, time of the ceremony (a 3pm ceremony leaves less photography time than a 12pm ceremony), the weather and time of year.

An average is around 300+ photographs from a full days wedding photography however at times this may be more, it may be slightly less depending on the above considerations.

How are our photos delivered and how long does it take?

Your finished gallery will be ready in around 4 weeks, I’ll upload them to an online password protected gallery for your family and friends to view and enjoy. The fully edited, high resolution files will then be transferred onto a USB to be given to you. You can order prints from my online gallery or use your USB to get them made yourself.

Tell us about the albums you offer?

I offer both fine art and standard story book albums from some of the worlds finest manufacturers. Head on over to my wedding albums page to read more about them


My friend / Cousin / Uncle Bob has a good camera and takes brilliant photos, can’t he shoot the wedding and save us some money?

Well thats a good question. Firstly are they experienced in shooting weddings and portraits? Having a big camera and taking great photos of landscapes and wildlife  is very different to Wedding Photography.

However, another way to look at it is this; my wife is a great cook and makes a mean roast. But catering for 100 guests at a wedding is a different ball-game all together and should be left to the professionals. Its the same with photography, if you want a quality outcome you need to hire someone who is trained and experienced in that field… wedding photography.

There are only three things you’ll keep forever and truly treasure from the day… Each other, the rings and the photographs, don’t cut corners with memories.

You might consider my point to be a biased one, so heres a blog post from a well known online bridal mag. Click Here 

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